Soltia Aviary

Pionus menstruus - Blue Headed Pionus

Peter and Skye arrived from Vancouver, B.C., in August 2010. Although they were housed in the same cage for the year, Skye was under 3 years old so the breeding box was left off until Dec 2011. They are very tame and they like to climb in and out of their cage when it is being cleaned. Skye, however, is very excited about the new breeding box and spends time checking the contents. We hope to see beautiful babies from them this spring as well. (See News Link).

Their green feathers, deep blue head and neck, and black ear covers attract pet owners. They have a higher pitched talking tone than the other pionus. They were also called Black Ear Pionus in some European countries. At approximately 28cm in length and 220 grams in weight, they are generally larger than the Duskies or the White Capped pionus. They are native to Southern Costa Rica, northern Bolivia, and SE Brazil and Trinidad.


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