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Current Parrots for Sale

Soltia Aviary DOES NOT sell Unweaned parrot babies.

Message from Barbara Miller owner, and operator of Soltia Aviary.

All parrots are purchased by, bred by and raised by B. Miller and are captive bred. We try to update our sales page as often as possible. Please send us an email asap if you are interested in a specific species, so you do not miss your opportunity to purchase one of these wonderful parrots.

Thank You,

B. Miller


Brown Head - Poicephalus

Hatched June 3, 2018. 1 Female, 2 males

Inquiries welcome.

Blue Head Pionus – 3 Males

Hatched November 3, 2016. All Sold.

Inquiries welcome.

Customers are encouraged to visit Soltia Aviary to pick - up their parrot. Shipping is available for long distances in spring, summer and early fall.

The cost of the carrier and Air Canada shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.


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