Soltia Aviary

Diet - Grains, Pasta (non-wheat) and Crackers

Fruits and Vegetables


The parrot, both breeding pairs and personal pets, have the best diet possible.

Pretty Bird Chow (large or small), which contains palm oil, is always available to the parrots along with filtered Brita water.

Daily menus contain combinations of fresh fruits and fresh or frozen vegetables, brown rice, and whole wheat pastas, quinoa, couscous, variety of whole grain crackers, almond butter, cranberry-raspberry muffins, and a variety of nuts for late afternoon treats.

Bathing Your Parrots

 It is very important that your parrots have a bath at least once a week. They can be trained to sit on a suction perch on the bathroom wall or in the bathtub to be sprayed by the shower hose.

If that procedure does not appeal to your parrots, then they can be sprayed with a mister. Most species really enjoy their bath. The pionus love their baths.

 Exercise & Entertainment

Parrots are curious, highly active birds that enjoy climbing. Attaching some horizontal climbing bars to the outside of their cage makes a good exercise area. Toys are essential to stimulate your Parrot mentally and physically and they also enjoy playing with coconut shells, sea shells, or raw vegetables – anything they can chew on. Parrots can be incredibly loud, emitting a truly ear-piercing scream when they want your attention!





Some parrots are too heavy to perch on your finger. Instead, hold your fingers together and offer your whole hand placed horizontal to the bird’s feet.

Riding on your shoulder is acceptable for smaller parrots. It is not recommended for medium to large parrots (Macaws, African Gray, etc).

Parrots are not domestic animals and never lose their wild characteristics. Taming them is therefore a gradual process and may take several months of patient work.

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