Soltia Aviary


Soltia Aviary

Soltia Aviary was constructed in the new house in the fall of 2008.  Brightness for the aviary was achieved by utilizing 3 windows, installing special UV florescent lights on timers, and using white paneling for walls.  Easy care flooring was installed over the sub floor.   Sound insulation was used for the ceiling and walls.  Before the ceiling was completed, the flight cage attachments were erected (home for my “charity” couple, Tara and Samson – the severe macaws), as well as two commercial fans. The two large folding doors proved useful for moving cages in and out of the room.

The addition of a ficus tree helps keep the humidity constant and provides oxygen.  A small T.V. on a timer is on Rogers channel 64 – Treehouse – for the parrots’ entertainment.  A kitchen cart from Canadian Tire was a perfect addition for small dishes, toys, nuts.  A large bin holds the Pretty Bird Gold chow. 

Outside the room, a full sized laundry tub was installed.  Cleaning supplies marked “Aviary only” are located near the tub.  Available for the Aviary is a humidifier but it was not needed during the winter of 2010.  Wish items would be miniature “cameras” for the breeding boxes and a camera for the whole room.

This is home to the two pairs of pionus, and two pairs of poicephalus as well as the severe macaws who have never bred but who are the "watch dogs" of the aviary and who are quite vocal about anything unusual that occurs in the aviary. Persons other than "Mommy" peering into the aviary have only a few minutes before Samson and Tara begin their piercing calls of displeasure.

Aviary - 2013

The addition of the White Caps and Maximilian Pionus in 2011 prompted the reorganization of the aviary layout and the acquiring of new cages. The flight cage was removed and the severe macaws moved into a double macaw cage. Larger cages were bought for the Duskies and the Maximilians, and everyone moved into different cages, until the Red Bellies and the Brown Heads were out of their canopy cages into more appropriate lodgings. Everyone seems happy and relaxed with the new arrangement.

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