Soltia Aviary

Pionus maximiliani - Maximilian Pionus

They have a variety of subtle colors that are particularly beautiful when seen in full sunlight.These little parrots are very inquisitive, intelligent and have very good memories. Once they have learned a behavior such as stepping up, they are very obedient and will remain steady in their training.

Murdock arrived on August 5, 2011, from British Columbia. We were stunned by his magnificent colour, stature and friendly disposition. His mate-to-be, Mystery, was delivered the next week from a Toronto aviary and we were also pleased with her appearance and temperament. They make a very handsome couple. Friends who see them are fascinated by their big eyes and beautiful olive green feathers tipped with royal blue. We are very excited to see the beautiful babies this pair should produce.

The largest of the pionus, at 28cm and 225-260 grams in weight, the Maximilians are sometimes listed as Scaly Headed pionus because of the gray feathers that peak among the green feathers on their heads. Maximilians are native to NE Brazil, N. Argentina and central Bolivia. They are noted for being good talkers and whistlers.

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