Soltia Aviary

Pionus chalcopterus - Bronze winged

Originated in Northern Venezuela; dark violet blue feathers with bronze-brown neck feathers; white chin; tail dark blue with red at the base; large brown eye ringed in brownish-pink; 29cm in length 21 weight.

These mid-sized, mild mannered, mimics are easily manageable by the first tie parrots owner. They would compliment a more vocal parrot as a housemate. The dignified pionus loves fruits, vegetables, foot toys and will bond happily with the conscientious parrot owners and their .


Bronze winged

(Parents - Bronze - Winged Pionus - Pionus chalcopterus)

On September 6, 2013, Sully and Zeva moved from Ottawa to Soltia Aviary. They adjusted very quickly to their new cage and menus. In November, their new breeding box was introduced to them.

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