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The Quiet Gem of the Parrot World


General Characteristics of Pionus Parrots

  • Colours vary considerably between species.
  • Pionus are stocky, midsized parrots with short squarish tails, triangular path of red feathers under their tails (vents).
  • Bare eye rings which vary in colour among the pionus species and bare nostrils (ceres).
  • There are no colour differences between sexes. Juveniles need a few years to develop the colourful plumage of their parents.
  • If stressed or frightened, pionus will make a small wheezing sound.
  • It is recommend that pionus not be housed in the same room with Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Greys or any other parrots that shed excessive dander which will adversely affect pionus respiratory system.
  • Pionus will independently play in their cages, on their play gyms or stands.
  • They enjoy human companionship, bond well with their owners and, if properly exposed to other people, will tolerate family friends.
  • Pionus are generally quiet but have loud contact calls.
  • Although related to Amazons, they have a sweeter disposition, appear to be less hormonal and are less aggressive with their owners. They display a warning posture to demonstrate that they are with specific situations before they bite.
  • Pionus love their bath time, and are willing eaters of fruits and vegetables, pasta, brown rice, etc. (see Diet Link).


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